Say Yes to the Stress

June 1, 2012

“What are your wedding colors?” she asked. I fake-smiled and tried not to roll my eyes.

Despite my recent engagement, I just can’t relate to those brides on Say Yes to the Dress. My genetic predisposition toward practicality just can’t get down with paying thousands of dollars for tulle and rhinestones. Can’t we just dump that money into a nice Roth IRA? Call me crazy, but I don’t have a vested interest in choosing linens, overpaying for vendors, and DIY crafting.

But since my partner shot down my plan to elope (and he’s an important part of this whole marriage thing), I suppose we are planning a wedding of sorts.

This is going to be an adventure. If you’ve ever seen Modern Family, our partnership is much like Claire and Phil’s. I overanalyze, hoard information, and try to keep everything organized and under control. Steve is go-with-the-flow, it’ll be fine, and we don’t need no stinkin’ contract! (Mid-post, he called from the grocery store so I could remind him what we needed. Didn’t make a list.) This dynamic makes life interesting, but it’s also the reason we make a great team.

Enter Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, and fellow member of the Type-A personality club. As I combed through the pages of her book, I related with her quest to appreciate the things that matter in life. In chapter two she writes about “remembering love” and focuses on her resolution to quit nagging. In her relationship, she found herself tasking her husband with chores he wasn’t particularly good at or excited about. His lackluster performance would send her over the edge and cause her to snap.

I can see the same patterns with this whole wedding planning business. We have the same vision for our special day, but we have different styles when it comes to planning it out. This is where conflicts can escalate, I think we can squash this quickly. Instead of expecting Steve to nail down a contract with a vendor (the details), he might enjoy planning the dinner and craft beer menu.

By playing to each of our strengths, I think our day has the potential to be pretty kick-ass.  At least I know the craft beer menu will be spectacular.

Reverb Broads ’12: With what fictional character (book, movie, TV, etc.) do you most identify? Why?




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