Idle Hands

December 22, 2014

“Idle hands spend too much time on Twitter.” – The Devil

I am powering down my electronic devices, deleting my phone apps, and logging out of my email before I go to bed. In this moment, nothing sounds better to me than a low-tech holiday.

It’s been bubbling during the past few weeks. I can feel my anxiety increasing; juggling a full-time job, a few side hustles, two email accounts, multiple databases and social media sites. It seems like my every moment is spent attached to a screen. As a side effect, (besides dark circles under my eyes), I know everything about what you are doing and accomplishing. I sometimes measure my weary spirit against your status updates and announcements.

With my health and happiness in mind, it’s time for a tech hiatus.

I’ve had a few mini tech-cations and longer attempts during my summer trip to Maine and on a cruise ship sailing to the Caribbean. I buckled on the cruise, though – activating my global data plan to keep in touch with the mainland. (Remind me to tell you the story about how my partner and I arranged interview details for our current jobs while on a cruise ship).

If you’ve ever experienced an internet outage at work, you know how helpless it makes people feel. At least for a moment or two. What do we do now? So many emails! I can’t work like this! I am living in complete isolation! This is how I felt when I stuffed myself into the car for our last holiday road trip, my phone set to airplane mode. In the past, my poor husband was subjected to 12-hour drives, sitting next to me as I scrolled through my Facebook/Email /Twitter/Email/Instagram /Email /Email/Pinterest/YikYak(!?) feeds for the thousandth time.

I had have a problem. And so my detox begins with an old-fashioned conversation havin’ and Bohemian-Rhapsody-head-banging-singing-into-your-hair-brush-style road trip.

When I arrive at my in-laws’ house, I know I’ll be itching to scroll through your updates about your presents and celebrations. But I’ll keep my phone away and replace the emptiness with books, cookies, and embraces from loved ones.

I might miss being available to friends who are used to contacting me in this way. But guess what? Those who really want to be in touch? They’ll find a way. And truth is, I don’t think I’ll miss the mindless scrolling. I won’t have a single clue what you’re doing this week. And the sky won’t fall—not that I know of, anyway. In this ignorance, this unknowing, I think I’ll find a touch of peace and quiet. I’ll be back; I want to talk about this more and I want to catch up.

But for now…


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December 22, 2014 @ 2:30 pm

But for now…pass the Nutella!


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