NCACE 2012 Goals

May 2, 2012

To maximize my first North Carolina Association of Colleges & Employers conference experience, I thought it would be wise to type up some quick goals. This post will be brief– mostly because I have several people I want to meet, and partially because the view from my hotel room looks like this:


Introduce myself and connect with at least 10 new people. Admittedly I am very shy and just the swarm of people at the check-in table was overwhelming. I am attending the conference alone and I don’t know many people here. But ya know what? I am going to introduce myself any chance I get. My knuckles are going to be sore from shaking so many dang hands.

Attend at least one session outside my comfort zone. I’ve been to a thousand sessions that cater to my interests. They are usually great, but it’s just preaching to the choir. It’s time for me to be challenged by some new ideas and concepts.

Teach employers and career services pros how to use Twitter to connect. Friday I am presenting, Using Twitter to Maximize Professional Connections. I am going to tell my story and show them how Twitter has brought lots of professional opportunities to my doorstep. Hopefully some attendees will drink the KoolAid.

Facilitate conversations about technology in the career center. My pal Ross Wade and I are excited to host a round table for tech geeks in the career services world. Much like last summer’s Career Counselors Technology Gathering, I am hoping to learn about new tools and innovative practices to make our work easier (and more fun!)

Share what I learned with my colleagues at home. I will absolutely be tweeting about the resources and good practices I learn about. You can count on a follow-up post or two about my experience. Also, I’ll meet with my coworkers to discuss new ideas, and hopefully implement something new on my campus.

That’s the quick and dirty version. Check out the conversation on Twitter: #ncace12.

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