March 16, 2015

chucks[ image source: Ryan McGuire ]

Sometimes the Universe has a way of not-so-subtly telling us to SIT THE FUCK DOWN.

For weeks I’ve been promising myself a Day of Nothing. Just yoga pants, hot tea, and House of Cards: season three. Broken promises, far from my couch, I found myself leveled on the gym floor. Too many projects, too many weary traveling hours, too many kettle bell swings. The Universe shouted, “ENOUGH ALREADY!” and brought my inertia to a screeching halt.

When you stop so abruptly, so unexpectedly, the energy has nowhere to go but out.

Physically unable to pick myself up off the ground, I cried and I yelled. I cursed the old gods and the new. It was all fantastically dramatic.

Turns out, being temporarily immobile was just what I needed.

I surrendered. I “let” my partner take care of the laundry and rehabbing me back to health (the perks of marrying an athletic trainer). I spent lots of quality time with Frank Underwood and (the Unbreakable) Kimmy Schmidt. It was glorious.

And by Monday? The sky didn’t fall. Nothing disastrous happened from taking a beat.

We all need this reminder sometimes.

So I’ll take it upon myself to remind you – the work will always be right where you left it. Now sit the eff down.

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