Can you build it? (Yes you can.)

February 15, 2013

I have a lot of supporters. They’re good for a quick pep talk, a “go get ’em, tiger!” This is great for a temporary fix, but sometimes I need to dig deeper– I need more specific validation. So when I really need to build my confidence, I’m not going to call a cheerleader.

I’m going to call an architect.

Confidence architects (yes, I just made that up) are people who are truly invested in your long-term success. They will point out the cracks in your foundation, help you draw up a blueprint for success, and help you stand tall.

Good architects won’t let you stand on shaky ground. So if you’re not putting out your best product, you won’t pass their inspection. These are the people who are going to call you on your bullshit. Put on your big girl panties and get to work.

Good architects are not critical for the sake of being critical, they’re not wrecking balls. While honest, they have your best intentions in mind. They will discuss your shortcomings in private, but they’ll never tear you down in the company of others.

Confidence architects build skyscrapers. They will encourage you to share your victories. After all, the ability to sell your strengths is what will earn you that next promotion, a new job, that golden opportunity. It’s a skill we all need to learn.

Your architect has been with you since the beginning– so your success, in a way, is also theirs. They’ll be the first to tell you, You own this, you earned it. Bury it or celebrate it? It’s your choice, it’s up to you.

Ready to start talking yourself up? Check out this post by Joe Ginese.


Who builds you up? Who is your confidence architect?

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  • Lisa Endersby (@lmendersby)
    February 15, 2013 @ 11:08 am

    I absolutely love the idea of a confidence architect. Not only does this focus on building confidence in the bricks are mortar sense, but the architect must also design and strategize the functions behind a structure – not just what it looks like but how it will withstand environmental pressures while still being beautiful. I wonder about architects who build tall structures that might, while on a solid foundation, leave us gasping for air at the top. Could our confidence architects also build out and around, not just up? Maybe in strengthening our networks and our skills as they interact and engage with our wider environment?

      February 15, 2013 @ 4:37 pm

      YES! Love the idea of building out and around. Perhaps the closer we get to the ‘top’ we end up looking down on everyone else. But as we expand, we pull others in, building them up as we also grow.

    February 15, 2013 @ 8:52 pm

    You better stake your claim on this phrase. It has book potential.

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